Bulgarian actor with a role in a British series on HBO

Bulgarian actor with a role in a British series on HBO

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Bulgarian Julian Kostov will appear in the second season of  Temple. All seven new episodes of Sky’s original drama have already been uploaded to the HBO GO platform and can be watched online.

The actor joins the returning in his roles Mark Strong, Daniel Mace, Keris Van Houten. Kostov is in the role of Max – a non-stereotypical, three-dimensional Eastern European, as described by the actor himself. His role is key, hinted at in the third episode and fully developed in the fourth. In some of the scenes two more Bulgarians appear next to him – Petar Yordanov and Martin Mednikarov.

“Under the Temple Station” tells the story of the talented surgeon Daniel Milton (Mark Strong). After his wife, Beth, falls into a coma, Daniel, along with the obsessive but surprisingly resourceful Lee (Daniel Mace), opens an “underground” clinic located in the vast labyrinthine network of tunnels below Temple Underground Station in London.

Julian Kostov has a role in two more series that can be watched on the HBO platform – in the first season of “I, the Witch” plays the demon Timur, in the third season of “Central Berlin” is the Russian sniper Sergei Basarov. The actor starred in “Shadow and Bone”, which can be watched on Netflix. In the summer he confirmed that he will be shooting in the second season of the production.

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