Biennial NAIV 2021 puts Bulgaria on the World Map of Naive Events

Biennial NAIV 2021 puts Bulgaria on the World Map of Naive Events

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For the first time in the country, a specialized international event is being held, focusing on naivety as a form of fine art.

On March 22, 2021 the virtual exhibition of the Biennial NAIV Bulgaria 2021 was presented – 88 artists from 43 countries from 5 continents are participants in this unique exhibition.

The competition was open for applications in November 2020, taking place in two stages. Of the 583 visual works received from 207 artists and sculptures from 47 countries, the international jury nominated 178 for participation in the final representative exhibition. From this group, after a subsequent jury, the four winners and the final exhibition were selected.

The winner of the Grand Prize is Gulfidan Hitit Beecher from Turkey, and just behind her are Stella Stefanova and Stoyan Bozhkilov from Bulgaria and Drazen Tetec from Croatia. The voting for the audience award is on the Internet until April 23.

The exposition can be seen here Biennale NAIVE Bulgaria 2021 – 3D virtual exhibition by SALON OF NAIVE AND INTUITIVE ART | art.spaces | KUNSTMATRIX until April 23, 2021.


The international jury is headed by Assoc. Prof. Ruzha Marinska (former Director of the National Art Gallery) and includes collectors and curators of naive events from Italy (Mr. Silvano Biella), Belgium (Mr. Jean Pierre Laurent) and Russia. Vladimir Temkin), Mrs. Bilyana Genova (Director of Culture at Sofia Municipality), Mrs. Nadia Pavlova (owner of a gallery for naive art in Sofia) and Mrs. Elena Dzhuninska (Curator at the City Gallery Belogradchik / Salon for naive and intuitive art ).


“Biennial NAIV Bulgaria 2021 definitely raises the bar for all events in the world that are focused on naivety, marginal and outsider art. From the announcement, through the organization and communication, to the geographical scope, the level of the selected works, the judging and the exhibition, the Salon of Naive and Intuitive Art makes a very serious request for inclusion in the highest rank of art competitions and exhibitions “- says Jacques Dupont, ex curator and curator at the Musée international d’art naïf de Magog, Canada.




Naive and intuitive art is a living, active phenomenon in today’s global art culture. It is also called “the art of the sacred heart”, “the art of instinct”, “raw”, “modern neo-primitivism”, “free from canons”. These definitions emphasize his emotionality and spontaneity. Nowadays, when naivety is rare in life, naive and intuitive art in painting occupies a special place. This is due to the unique ability of artists to immerse a person in a world of carefreeness, naivety and spiritual purity. Although there are not many authors who work in this field of art, the works are filled with what is sometimes missing in most other fields: mood. Without being influenced by the traditions of art, these artists rely on their personal experience and paint paintings reflecting their memories, desires and dreams. The topics they choose are often related to their childhood, the place where they were born, the environment in which they grew up, the daily routine and festive occasions, but they also cover political, historical and social issues, not to mention fantastic utopian worlds. In this way, naive artists are distinguished by original and unique stylistic independence.


About the organizer:

The Salon of Naive and Intuitive Art in Belogradchik is the only museum exposition of its kind in Bulgaria. Created in 2019, this project is the result of the energy of a team of volunteers. The collection includes over 300 paintings, sculptures and graphics by artists from 28 countries on all continents around the world.


In the pages of the Salon on social networks, you can see all the nominated works and authors from 6 continents.

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