7 Extra Days with the Online Edition of MASTER OF ART

7 Extra Days with the Online Edition of MASTER OF ART

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The sixth edition of the festival for documentaries dedicated to all spheres of art – MASTER OF ART – enjoys exceptional audience interest. Therefore, to the delight of fans, access to all 30 full-length and 17 short titles from the current selection will be extended by another full week. The productions will be available to watch online until March 7, including the Neterra.TV + platform, and viewers can watch them from anywhere in the country and from any device. A few days after its launch, MASTER OF ART, of which the National Palace of Culture is a partner, marks a record number of views of both the new films and the section with specially selected favorites from previous editions.

Fans of art and documentary cinema can choose between two types of package tickets: all films from the festival for BGN 25 or 15 optional titles for BGN 15. In the package of 15 titles, all short films are equal to one feature film. Both options are available here: https://neterra.tv/festival/master-of-art

All viewers who have already purchased packages receive an additional 7 days for even more intriguing productions from the rich program.

Of particular interest so far are: the film about the famous Claudia Cardinale “Claudia, the mysterious”; the story of the ski slope in the center of Copenhagen “Make a mountain”; the biographical look at the life of the artist and bohemian “Secrets of Modigliani”; the documentary study of the titans of Italian neorealism “Fellini vs. Visconti: Duel in Italian” and more: “Bernini tells Bernini”, “Botero”, “Miss van der Rohe – Pavilion Barcelona in two acts”, “Montreal – in the light of memories” , Marcel Duchamp: The Art of the Possible and others.

This year’s selection introduces viewers to a number of curious people and their stories. The Bulgarian “The Man with the Pipe” introduces us to the exceptional artist and animator Ivan Veselinov, a film made with a lot of love by another animator – the director Andrey Kulev. Kubota’s kimono. A Story on Silk is about a Japanese master who spent decades experimenting with a traditional fabric decoration technique that later served as a bridge between Japan and the haute couture world. The film “Stanislaw Niemczyk – the last rebel of architecture” meets the underestimated architect from Silesia, a virtuoso of brick buildings, also known as “Polish Gaudi”. In “Our daily bread” reveals an interesting point of view on one of the inalienable elements of the life of all kinds of cultures – bread. The film was shot on several continents, and its trail passes even through Bulgaria.

Fans of the art of dance can also find something interesting in this area – the film “Ripped: The Journey of Dance” traces the history of jazz dance and its triumph over oppression and privilege. For lovers of literature, the selection contains titles such as “Etgar Carrett” or “The Miracle of the Little Prince” – an extremely human film about the passionate translators of the book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who found life in more than 375 languages, a look at their personal stories and motivations.

The variety of art plots presented in the winter online edition of MASTER OF ART is impressive, and the journey passes through near and far destinations such as Japan, Cameroon, Lesotho, Morocco, Russia, Canada, Israel, Italy and others.

The full selection of 30 feature films and 17 short films from the online edition of MASTER OF ART will be available until March 7, including Neterra.TV +. The packages are available here: https://neterra.tv/festival/master-of-art



Master of Art is a unique cultural event and the only international art documentary film festival in Eastern Europe. The festival focuses on different artistic approaches and examines creative views on art history as well as contemporary art while noting the multicultural diversity of today. It is organized by the production company SPOTLIGHT and the Master of Art Foundation with the support of the National Culture Fund and the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality. The National Palace of Culture is a traditional partner of the event.



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