14th Edition of the Bulgarian Film Festival in Rome

14th Edition of the Bulgarian Film Festival in Rome

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For the 14th time in a row in Rome begins the Festival of Bulgarian Cinema in the emblematic place – the House of Cinema in the gardens of Villa Borghese. This time Jana Yakovleva, its founder and director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Rome, has included in the festival program the comedy “The Naked Truth about a Zhiguli Group”, the animated film by Theo Ushev and Georgi Gospodinov “Physics of Sorrow”, the sad story “Father” , “18 Percent Gray,” “Theo’s Formula,” Nayo Titsin’s “Medea,” and the new version of “Asparuh.”

From July 9th to 11th, the growing number of Italian fans of Bulgarian cinema will be able to enjoy an edition of comedy, history and great theater. Among the special guests from Bulgaria are Viktor Bozhinov together with his entire team, Anya Pencheva, Rushi Vidinliev, Dimitar Rachkov, Gerasim Gerasimov – Gero, Lilya Maravilla, Nayo Titsin and others.

And all of them will be able to enjoy the first wonderful exhibition in the newly opened gallery “Bulgaria” in the heart of Rome behind Piazza Navona, which the Cultural Institute managed to make thanks to Italians who took out of their personal collections paintings by Bulgarian artists, such as the brothers Peykovi, Nikolai Dyulgerov, Marusya Kalimerova and others.

The gallery will have 10 more exhibitions by the end of the year, which will feature nearly 25 Bulgarian artists living in Italy and around the world.

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