10 Reasons to Choose Physical Book over Electronic One

10 Reasons to Choose Physical Book over Electronic One

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It is difficult to list in just a few lines the benefits of reading books.

But what to choose? Increasingly affordable electronic or classic paper?

Here are 10 arguments in support of paper books. 


  1. Contact with soft, ink-scented pages brings unique pleasure to the senses. Touching the book makes reading even a physically pleasurable feeling.
  2. Admit it – after staring at the computer screen all day, it’s not very relaxing to keep doing it on a monitor, even if it’s on an e-reader.
  3. A number of scientific studies confirm that people perceive the information in a book better when it is on paper.
  4. Printed books are reminiscent of certain events in our lives. One book can take you back to your school years, another to the unforgettable moments of the summer you spent in Spain.
  5. Whenever you want, you can reach for a printed book. Its battery will not run out at the most interesting part.
  6. The different formats of e-books are annoying. You can’t wait to start reading a book, but it turns out that your device doesn’t support this format.
  7. You can create a collection of books to be proud of all your life. Aren’t bookshelves full of books at home the dream of every avid reader.
  8. With an e-book you can’t collect autographs from your favorite writers. And what a more unique experience than meeting the author of your favorite book and keeping that memory on it.
  9. It is no coincidence that printed books have different covers. People see what others are reading. They compare their tastes, their preferences. Thus, from a simple act, reading becomes the building of a whole community of like-minded people.
  10. Printed books are not of interest to thieves. The same cannot be said of e-readers or other reading devices.

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