10 Bulgarian Books Worth Reading

10 Bulgarian Books Worth Reading

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We all fondly remember the school summer vacation. Well, we must say it was not always great. That obligatory school literature, which took away from our valuable time for playing games. 

Let’s admit, now as adults, that the problem with reading them was not in the relentless children’s energy and impatience to play. Or at least not completely. It’s just that this literature is too difficult to digest for a distracted eleven-year-old imagination, which, no matter how hard it tries, can’t properly appreciate either the beauty of the speech or complex narratives.

I like to think of books not only as works with certain qualities, but also as works suitable for different ages and periods of our lives. The wrong moment can give a person a completely wrong idea about a book. This sometimes happens with Bulgarian literature – we read serious classic books at an early age and are left with wrong impressions. And this is a fact simply because we are not able to understand it properly at this stage of our development.

Bulgarian literature is of high quality. There are wonderful contemporary and classical authors who deserve our attention and admiration. 

I offer you an eclectic ranking of ten Bulgarian books that you could really appreciate. 


  1. Journey To Oneself

Blaga Dimitrova

Bulgarian prose from the 60s of the last century. The difficult path to reaching our own identity. A book about departure, about escape, about morality, guilt and feelings. Deep penetration and wonderful melody of the language. I will not tell you more. See for yourself. And if you’ve already read it, it won’t hurt to repeat. Who knows, you may find something new.


  1. Thirst

Zahari Karabshliev

Hospital room. A young man wakes up chained to a bed, all in tires and no memory of the severe accident from which he miraculously survived. On the next bed lies an elderly patient – a talkative optimistic old man. The young man cannot boast of the same qualities. His mind is overwhelmed by pessimism and gloomy thoughts rule the slowly passing time. However, the old man does not want to leave Daniel to thoughts of destructiveness or self-pity. He tells him his life story – dramatic and unexpected. A love story and the most important things in life. I stop here with the summary. Reading, again suitable for a trip to yourself.


  1. Added Summer

Evgeni Cherepov

After a certain stay abroad, Lachezar returned to Bulgaria. However, his memories are clouded by a strange oblivion. As soon as he set foot on his native land, the hero embarks on a journey around the country. Lost memories begin to awaken one by one. His happiness at this fact, however, is overshadowed because mysterious men in grim suits haunt him everywhere. Such a mysterious man peeked from his childhood memories… A fascinating read with a skillful plot and pleasant style. A text with a taste of nostalgia for childhood.


  1. Where We Are Not

Georgi Gospodinov

A poetic book by Georgi Gospodinov, which caresses all the senses and awakens a rich palette of emotions. We often want to be somewhere we are not. Physically and in your feelings. There is always one “there” that is so unattainable and longed for that it is impossible to achieve happiness “here”. Take the time to make your Sunday a very special and philosophical day.


  1. And All Turned Moon

Georgi Gospodinov

Stories in which you can dissolve like a drop of ink in a glass of lukewarm water. To behave serenely. To taste a little of love, of the past and the present, of the wisdom and turmoil of time. This book is read in complete silence and absolute presence of mind. Only then will you feel its magic.


  1. Ballad of Georg Henich

Victor Paskov

There are books you can’t talk about because they said it so well that you’re speechless. You don’t know where to start the story to express your enthusiasm and the feelings you felt while flipping through the pages. Some works are much more than stories. Some are a whirlwind of feelings, memories, nostalgia, sadness, love, beauty, finding yourself somewhere in the lockers of some almost animated chest of drawers. 


  1. The Monster

Vladimir Zarev

Wisdom. The youth that does not want to leave and the old age that inevitably kills it. Beautiful and impossible love, the time and the cruel scars it leaves us. Oblivion. This book is read in a special state of mind – a state of maturity and readiness to accept bitter truths.


  1. The Last Territory

Momchil Nikolov

A man wakes up in Barcelona and has no idea how he got there. He has no idea who he is. An incomprehensible tattoo of a woman is painted on his arm. All these questions torment the hero, and their answers slowly begin to unfold when he meets the mysterious Elena. A book about sleep, the loss of yourself, the memories… Are you still there or have you already headed to the bookstore?


  1. The Other Dream

Vladimir Poleganov

A book in the field of psychological fiction. And, yes, Bulgarian literature has quality books of this genre. This book is indisputable proof of this. I will not tell you anything about the plot. I don’t want to spoil even a little of the pleasure you will experience as the work gradually reveals its secrets to you.


  1. Hearse, two rhinos

Peter Krumov

Amazing style that will pleasantly surprise you. A plot that will make you ask yourself a lot of questions and maybe come up with some answers. Sometimes life takes a strange direction and rearranges our attitudes. What do we do then? A work written with a swing and worthy of finding a place next to high literature in our home library.

This ranking is far from being a thorough exploration of the valuable works in Bulgarian literature. It is just a small fragment. And if this small fragment makes you curious about Bulgarian  authors then it has fulfilled its mission. Enjoy reading!

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